Tuesday, September 6, 2011


what an incredibly restful long weekend this was!  and, just what i needed.  i think things at work are finally settling down and the busyness is becoming manageable.  in fact, my office closed early on friday and, for the first time in weeks, i didn't stay late!  better yet, i left on time, fit in a little stop at the mall with a friend, and was home, purchases in tow, by 4:30.  

for the most part, the rest of my weekend was spent quietly at home, sleeping in, creating pretty vignettes around the house, playing with my camera (i hadn't done that in ages!), Skyping with family, snacking on fresh peaches, finishing one book, beginning another, and watching movies from the comfort of my couch.  in fact, a friend visited yesterday and upon sitting down declared, "no wonder you didn't want to go out this weekend."  i'm telling you, it was perfect.

by the way, in case it's not obvious from the photo above, the book i finished is Mao's Last Dancer, the inspiring autobiography of Li Cunxin who, though born into utter poverty in communist china, became one of the best ballet dancers in the world.  to say he endured hardships along the way is to understate the harsh realities of mao's cultural revolution, to say nothing of the discipline required of anyone who seriously undertakes a career in the ballet.  if you need to be uplifted, if you need encouragement along your way to a goal, if you're struggling with your sense of commitment, read this book.  it will remind you what determination, resilience, passion, and the human heart can achieve. then, see the movie.  Li Cunxin was involved in its development, so it's true to the story, beautifully acted, and the dancing...ah, the dancing.  the pirouettes alone make it worth watching, but i assure you, there's so much more to the story of this incredible man. 

on that note, i promise not to grumble too much at the gym tomorrow and to appreciate that i have enough food to eat.  


  1. Sounds perfect! Love your sunflowers ... and I'm putting the book on my mom's Christmas list ... shhh, don't tell! Then I can borrow (although, I'm not above ready before I give--terrible habit).

  2. Hi Amy! I highly endorse reading-before-gifting! Half the books I read are passed along by friends...and vice versa.