Tuesday, July 5, 2011

you're a firework

just a few snaps from independence day, a quiet one for me despite the rumblings of fireworks in the distance, which is okay. the fourth of july is not my favorite holiday, for reasons unrelated to patriotism, my belief that we have the best flag design in the world, and fond memories of playing betsy ross in my second grade school play.  

so, i went to the bookstore because, although lately i've been rereading everything on my bookshelves in an effort to fill some donation bags, i was desperately craving something new.  i left empty-handed and a little disappointed, though, because i had a movie to catch.  a movie about paris, in fact.  and that made me glad to have failed to choose a new book because now i just want to immerse myself in fitzgerald for the rest of the summer. 

later, at home, i followed the sound of the distant fireworks outside and discovered i could see them from the comfort of my driveway.  and i found neighbors milling around in the streets enjoying them, as well.  it was a nice way to end the day, adding just the right note of holiday spectacle to my low-key day, which i topped off with a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, a quintessential summer holiday dessert, just because it seemed like the summery thing to do. 

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