Friday, July 29, 2011

tgif: orange

hey, it's friday already!  and, paradoxically, it's friday at long last.  this week was both tedious and fleeting and, ultimately, just plain exhausting.

so, in the spirit of the summer weekend, this week's tgif color is orange.  it's warm and happy and, among other things, orange represents enthusiasm, creativity, and attraction.  it also stimulates the appetite.  yeah, that would explain the po' boy, side of hushpuppies, and the spicy espresso chocolate bar that a couple of these photographs recall.

whether you toss the sunblock and a blanket into your favorite blue-striped, crab-adorned tote and head to the beach or visit a local museum to see an incredible collection of prehistoric wolf skulls, i hope you make the most of your weekend. (i plan to.)  may it energize and delight you and leave you hungry for more!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE orange. I didn't use to love it; it just came upon me in the last few years. Being how they say it does stimulate the appetite, I'm blaming it for my weight gain ... :)