Monday, July 18, 2011

flowering orchids

i have never had any luck getting an orchid to rebloom until recently.  the beauty on the right in the top photo (and really close up, in the third) is my first success!  this is the only time, ever, that i haven't had to admit defeat and throw a (clearly) dead orchid in the trash, sighing a bit over my black thumb, and feeling guilty at my failure. 

but, at long last, by following this unusual advice, i have been able not only to keep this orchid alive, but to make it thrive.  this may have nothing at all to do with my ability to follow strange advice, but i'm not going to let that prevent me from feeling like some sort of gardening savant.  every single bloom opened!  i know some people manage this sort of thing all the time, but i am not one of them.  that is, until now.  now, i give my orchid a little left over coffee once in a while.  now, it blooms.  now, i'm the orchid whisperer.


  1. Congrats, as an individual that has killed many orchids (unintentionally of course) I am quite impressed with your feat!

  2. thanks, miss b.! seriously, morning light and diluted coffee -- try it!