Monday, June 6, 2011

this is not my beautiful house

most of my weekend was spent in the kitchen.  alas, i was not cooking up a storm.  no, in pursuit of yet another of my harebrained organizing schemes, i spent the better part of two days wrangling Con-Tact paper, washing the contents of the cabinets and drawers, and contemplating said washed items to determine if they adhere to this golden rule.  if the goal had been to make a real mess, then i'd consider my efforts a success!  unfortunately, i think i am currently in the "worse" stage of this project; "better" still lies in the future, which weekend?  i don't know if i can live with the chaos i've created until then, so i am hoping that the images of these gorgeous (and tidy) kitchens aid either my motivation or denial, as necessary.

by the way, i just love how each of these rooms includes pops of color and rustic wood or iron elements against a clean white foundation.

images courtesy: 1, 3, 4. house beautiful 2. southern living

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