Tuesday, June 14, 2011

june gloom

it's nearly summer.  my calendar tells me so.  here in southern california that means gray skies that usually burn off by mid-afternoon.  you know, if we're lucky.  if not, like this past weekend, it's dreary and chilly all day long and you layer accordingly.  (of course, you could go twenty minutes down the road and find it's raining, or, in the other direction, that it's hot and sunny.  unpredictable, i tell you.)  

yesterday i left the house in a cashmere sweater and a jacket, fully prepared for the morning chill and the unrelenting air conditioning in my office.  later, as i walked to lunch with a couple of friends, i regretted not having my sunglasses.  no biggie...just a little glare.  by the time we returned to the office, however, it was so warm i found myself scrounging through my gym bag in search of a clean t-shirt to change into for the rest of the day.  i found one and, oh, i wore it proudly, because there's nothing i like better than sporting a logo-adorned, standard issue gym shirt in the workplace.  with a pencil skirt, tights, and ankle boots.  yeah, stylish.

so, mother nature, i'm confused.  i'm trying to be patient, but for the sake of my costumes, can we get on with it already?

in the interim, here are some pictures of recent days when things weren't so confusing (though, i am still confused about this):

1. wild mint growing through the boards of my deck

2. sunlight on miniature roses, chez bb

3. flower kiosk, lyon, france

4. flats of geraniums, also lyon

5. blue skies at castle green

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